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Anonymous asked:

Trish, only in arrow fandom men can give women a run for their money in term of shipping. few words for these arrow/olicity fanboyz....



Hi Anon!!

Ahhhh, fanboyz are my favorite thing in the Arrow fandom! Especially the ones that are Felicity, Diggle, Original Team Arrow and yes, Olicity fans!

Why? Because I hate when people make the jackass assumption that Olicity fans are comprised of fangirls that only watch the show to ship. No, baby - shipping is a bonus, rarely a reason for watching a show.  

Not only that, but Olicity fans promotion the show like no other. 24/7 - there is no hiatus for us. EVER. The conversation never stops. We live and breath Arrow. We probably know the lines, episodes, and scenes better than any other fan of the show.

When I view forums all over the web, interacting with them on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, I automatically friend the fanboyz. They offer such refreshing insight. Especially the one’s on Stephen Amell’s Facebook page. One of my favorite Olicity fanboyz said that he adores Felicity and was afraid that being paired officially with Oliver would destroy their chemistry and she would be killed off to make a GA/BC pairing actually work.

That is how much they love them. Too afraid to truly want them for fear of losing what it means to them on the show long term. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. Arrow fanboyz are the best! And everyone knows I have my favorites: geodude96 is one of them. He also happens to be a comic book God. The man know’s his stuff.

So shout out to all of the rarely acknowledged Arrow fanboyz that love Oliver & Felicity. We adore you!


Aw, thanks. Actually for me it’s unusual but not that rare. My first online fandom was Pokemon, and it has plenty of male shippers.

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